Changing my domain registrar

A few days ago I received an email from my domain registrar Fritz Managed IT, a small local IT company. They were going to raise domain prices. My domain has always been fairly expensive compared to a standard tld domain, but I wasn’t very concerned about the fact. When I read the mail, however, I was surprised about the reasoning my registrar provided for raising the prices. Let me cite the email (german):

“Die Regierung druckt fleißig Geld über die EZB, um u.a. die Anleihen der Großkonzerne kaufen zu können und der Mittelstand und Bürger bekommt Inflation – Danke für nichts. Wie das Geldsystem es verlangt, erhöhen Lieferanten ihre Preise, welche dann an ihre Lieferanten und Kunden weitergegeben werden. …”

The owner of the business justifies their new prices with the reasoning, that the government would be printing money via the ECB to be able to buy shares of big businesses and the little business and people get inflation.

The mail immediately felt problematic to me, as the wording and content of this mail is full of right-wing and antisemitic dog whistles. But obviously, you never know for sure and there’s always an avenue for deniability with this type of wording – in fact that’s a big reason why they exist.

I decided that I’m not comfortable having my domain being managed by someone like that and giving them money for that. So I wrote a short reply telling the owner about my disapproval and my decision to move away. His answer just validated my decision, as he went on in the same terminology being proud about his “non-politically-correct” communication.

In the end I’m quite happy that this person couldn’t help himself as I will now no longer be giving money to this business and my new registrar is a lot cheaper as well!

You also should stay away from this registrar and similar types of business! It’s the right thing to do and it also pays!

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