Fixing SMB shares after OSX update

I’m running OpenELEC on a Raspberry Pi and my Macbook Air serves a number of SMB shares for it using SMBUp. Having installed a security update for OSX this evening I noticed that my shares had become unavailable. I tried to start SMBUp in order to get the shares back online only to be presented with this error message:

“Passing non-absolute shell paths is not currently supported.”

My initial idea was to reset SMBUp and delete preferences and Application Support data. At this point I noticed an image file samba3-3.2.15-2.dmg in ~/Library/Application Support/SMBUp and remembered that SMBUp replaces the native Samba version that comes with Mac OSX. The previously mentioned update had presumably overwritten the replacement installed by SMBUp.

Mounting the image and running the contained installer then overwrote the native Samba version again. After that I was able to start SMBUp and bring my shares back online.

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